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Many people have been blessed with the advent of MP3 sermon audio files. Their ease of use and low cost of distribution allow more people to make a daily habit of listening to the Bible, audio books, sermons and lectures. SermonAudio.ca exists to help make your MP3 sermon experience easy, fast and free!

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Free MP3s from Canadian Churches

Living Hope RPC, Toronto - Pastor Kiernan Stringer
New Horizon Church, Toronto - Pastor Mitchell Persaud
Living Water Reformed Church, Brantford - Pastor Martin Vogel
Grace Covenant OPC, Sheffield - Pastor Ed Ludt
Russell RPCNA Church - Pastor Matt Kingswood
Ottawa RPCNA Church - Pastor Richard Ganz (Real Audio)

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Select Messages - various speakers »
The Meaning of Life; The Role of Prayer in Spritual Awakening; Courtroom of Heaven; Resting in Christ; Calling Out to God
Pastor John Piper »
Avoiding Sexual Sin; Going Hard After God; Holy Holy Holy DesiringGod.org
Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen »
The Modern Tongues Movement; Sola Scriptura: A Protestant Concoction; The Question of Canonicity; God's Law and Social Righteousness; The Great Debate (Dr. Greg Bahnsen vs. atheist Gordon Stein)
Dr. Donald A. Carson »
1998 Pastor's Conference; Yearly Knox Summer Fellowship Series KnoxToronto.org
Dr. Donald A. Carson »
Postmodern Times: Reaching an Untouched Generation
Pastor Tristan Emmanuel »
Preaching Series on Matthew Chapters 5-7 Jesus Restores the Proper Place of the Law TristanEmmanuel.com
People's Church, Toronto »
Conference Lectures; Preaching by Pastor Charles Price and others ThePeoplesChurch.ca
Pastor John Stott »
1996 Festival of Preaching
Pastor Benji Devadason »
Personal Evangelism Seminar with Photo Diagrams
Pastor John Piper »
Father Forgive; Abortion and Tree of Knowledge; God at Work in Every Womb; Darkness of Abortion; Abortion, Race, Gender, and Christ
Dr. Michael Haykin »
Survey of Church History - 4 lectures
Michael Butler »
Apologetics Conference - Presuppositionalism, Certainty of God's Existence, Worldviews, Trancendental Argument, Paul in Athens
Conference with Kiernan Stringer and Tony Zekveld »
Equip Yourself for Faithful Christian Witness: Gearing up, Biblical Apologetics Applied, Getting Out There

Theme: For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. - 2Corinthians 10:4,5

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